Buy smart, win BIG!
Are you feeling lucky? With our revolutionary financial protocol, you have the chance to win big with our jackpot lottery! Every time a buy or sell transaction is made with our token, 2% of the total volume goes directly into the jackpot. That means that with every transaction, the jackpot grows bigger and bigger, giving you the chance to win an incredible amount of ETH! And the best part? Winning is easy! All you have to do is purchase enough $APAY tokens to qualify for the jackpot, and if your wallet hits and triggers the win, you will be paid out immediately with the total amount of ETH in the jackpot sent directly to your wallet. It's that simple!
Every buy is an individual event, previous buys do not influence your chance to win.
Buy value
Chance to win
0.1 ETH
0.2 ETH
0.3 ETH
0.4 ETH
0.5 ETH
0.6 ETH
0.7 ETH
0.8 ETH
0.9 ETH


Winner: A player buys enough $APAY tokens to qualify for winning the JACKPOT and their wallet hits and triggers the WIN, that wallet will be payed out immediately with the total amount of $ETH the jackpot has accumulated from all the buy/sell transactions! That winner can then create an LP, keep it to earn reflections passively or they can sell their $APAY tokens and Buy again for another shot at winning the JACKPOT again.
Loser: A player doesn't buy the minimum required amount of APAY tokens and the player never gets a chance to win. :( And even if you don't win, you can still benefit from our protocol by creating an LP, earning reflections passively, or buying again for another chance to win the jackpot.
So why wait? Take a chance and join our jackpot lottery today. Share your success story and let the world know that you're a winner! Good luck! 🍀
Last modified 10mo ago